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What can battery storage do for your business?

If you are looking to manage energy costs, keep the power on during a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) or other type of outage, and harness the full benefit of your investment in solar energy, a battery storage system may be right for you. Solar energy storage can help amplify savings by taking care of the demand charges. Combining solar and storage creates numerous saving with the correct energy profile.

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Carbon Taxes

Bill Savings:

Battery storage enables a customer to save excess electricity produced by their solar system and then use it to power their own loads when utility electricity is at a premium or during periods of peak demand. See an example of these expensive PG&E demand charges here.

Solar Energy

Maximize Your Investment:

With a battery, organizations can earn demand response payments by shifting power from the grid to the battery, resulting in little to no operational disruption. This market program, in conjunction with other energy solar incentives, offers payments to facilities willing to decrease electricity usage at times when the grid is under extreme stress.

Grid Energy Storage

Backup Power:

Due to the growing risk of wildfires in California, and the need to shut off power for safety during periods of high fire risk, outages have the potential to last multiple days. Batteries can provide critical backup power for your business’s essential devices and appliances.

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How Batteries Work


A battery storage system will store power generated by your business’s solar system, or from the grid when electricity prices are lower. It can then be utilized later. If an outage is imminent due to a storm or public safety power shutoff (PSPS), some storage providers are able to send your battery a signal to fully charge before the outage, in preparation for providing backup power.

Solar Charging Panel

(load shifting and peak shaving)

Your business can use the energy stored by your battery to power your business when the price of electricity from the grid is more expensive, at night when your solar system isn’t producing, or during an outage when you need backup power. Operating the storage batteries during the peak will help save a lot.

Commercial Solar Discharge
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Matt T. Alamo, CA.

Home Advisor - 5/10/2021

"I contacted 5-6 solar companies prior to hiring Spreck Energy. During they interview process, they were knowledgeable, professional and helpful in designing my perfect system. The best part was that they delivered! The job was done on time and without issue. My only regret was that I didn't engage with Spreck Energy earlier!"

5.0 Star Review

Ed Soria

Google Review 1 Year Ago

"We had a great experience with Jimmy, Jono, and Sam. They were very helpful answering all our questions before making a final decision on vendor and their designs. Quick to reply during the installation etc..and as you can see from the attached PG&E electricity usage graph, our system was turned on early September which is now saving us a lot of money."

5.0 Star Review

Matthew Townsend

Google Review 1 Year Ago

"Spreck Energy exceeded expectations!! After meeting with numerous companies, Spreck’s expertise was obvious. The design, knowledge, and implementation of my system was professional, on time and seamless. The ROI on my system will be less than 3 years, and my only regret was not doing it sooner. Thank you very much to Spreck and your team!!"

5.0 Star Review

Mick C. Lafayette, CA.

Home Advisor - 5/31/2021

"Jimmy, Sam, & the Spreck team installed a new solar plus battery storage system on our house. Everyone was very responsive, friendly, and helpful to explain both how the system and the process worked. I'm also happy to have supported a local business, who happened to be very competitive on price on top of doing good work in a responsive way."

5.0 Star Review

Sam B. Santa Cruz, CA.

Home Advisor - 5/12/2021

"Jono and his team were great to work with. They kept the process simple, on time, and were always around to answer any questions. I would be quick to recommend them to a friend or colleague."

5.0 Star Review

Phil E. Santa Cruz, CA.

Home Advisor - 5/12/2021

"We had Jono and Spreck install solar on our new home purchase almost 2 years ago. We are getting great efficiency and enjoying the benefits of the suns energy. Very professional throughout the process - quote and design was prompt and with good follow through, install went smooth and quick, and we were all systems go immediately. Highly recommend going solar and working with Spreck."

5.0 Star Review